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Contact Solo Email Ad Blasts To 100,000

Sent Within 24 hours of receipt 7 days per week!

We have grown a very large double opt-in database of prospective customers to expose your opportunity, product and or service without the risk of Spam complaints.

Your advertisements will be read and reviewed by prospects truly interested in new opportunities, products and services and only sent to 100% double opt-in and 100% deliverable subscribers.

These subscribers has specifically signed up from our sites and partner sites and have agreed to receive  email ads at their contact email address related to opportunities, products and services and are validated in a double opt-in method.

DOUBLE OPT-IN should not be confused with regular OPT-IN. Regular OPT-IN does not validate the authenticity of a list join.

Only Double OPT-IN securely authenticates a join submission originated from the actual email address owner, using hashed confirmation links sent to the email box. Only the owner of the email address can access and click the confirmation link, because a password is required to access the email box.

Now you can safely broadcast your business opportunity to entrepreneurs and opportunity seekers all over the world without running the risk of being accused of sending unsolicited email (Spam).

http://globalwebtraffic.biz/images/checkmark.gif Why Use Double Opt-In Solo Email Ads?

Drive online sales 
-  Increase response rates 
-  Build brand awareness 
-  Communicate with customers 
-  Immediate results 
-  Generate high responses via lowered costs 
-  Conduct tests easily
-  Change strategies or offers within minutes
-  No risk of spam complaints!

Here are features we use with our mailing service:

http://globalwebtraffic.biz/images/checkmark.gif Email List Compilation:

Drawing from the most qualified and trusted double opt-in email sources, we compile a list of contact recipients designed to generate the maximum results from your specific target audience.

http://globalwebtraffic.biz/images/checkmark.gif Message Delivery:

We handle every aspect of your email delivery. There is nothing you have to do other than sending us your AD after you place your order. We will begin sending your ad within 24 hours or receipt of payment and your solo email ad and it will be fully delivered to all recipients over a 5 day period to reduce load on mail servers and to ensure better delivery rates.

http://globalwebtraffic.biz/images/checkmark.gif Why does it work so well?

Simple - you can send your announcement to an audience that has asked to see it. The customers themselves have told you what they are interested in buying - These people are motivated.

http://globalwebtraffic.biz/images/checkmark.gif What's the best part?

We do the mailing within 24 hours of your order! We are experts at pinpointing precise markets and sending out solo email ads that get you results. Your successful targeted email campaign will drive traffic, create leads, boost awareness, generate revenue, and shape the future of your company and your online business.

You will make more money and get more action, response, & sales by telling new customers about your products with a direct opt-in email marketing campaign. Our prices are low. We pride ourselves in using safe marketing technology that works. 

Double Opt-in email works! You will see the results and reap the rewards...

Send Your Solo Today For Only $27

100% Secure Payments Via Paypal

After payment click continue to be taken to the page to submit your solo email ad.



http://globalwebtraffic.biz/images/checkmark.gif How "fresh" is your membership list?

We update our membership every day and individually qualify each member to ensure Top Quality and make sure to remove anyone that wishes to be removed before the next mailing.

http://globalwebtraffic.biz/images/checkmark.gif Who are the recipients?

We developed a very efficient enrolment process for our 100% Double opt-in list. Our membership base increases everyday. All of the recipients are general English-speaking consumers 100% double opt-in contact emails and interested in receiving information about business offers, new products and services, home-based business opportunities, ways to make money fast and multi-level marketing opportunities.

http://globalwebtraffic.biz/images/checkmark.gif Will there be any ads sent along with mine or will it go out as a Solo?

Your email will go out as a solo ad. We never attach other advertisements with yours. We only include an unsubscribe link and "no-spam" statement at the bottom of every email message to remind the recipients why they are receiving your solo ad. All emails include a 1-click removal link to stop any further contact.

http://globalwebtraffic.biz/images/checkmark.gif What kind of results can I expect?

That depends, because everyone's results are different. Your results will depend on the type of business, service or product you offer as well as your sales message, as well as many other factors that are present with any type of advertising. 

http://globalwebtraffic.biz/images/checkmark.gif Do you guarantee that I will make more sales?

No, we cannot guarantee that you will make any sales what so ever from our service nor can any advertising site on the internet. Your success involves too many factors out of our control.

http://globalwebtraffic.biz/images/checkmark.gif What are the formal requirements for my marketing mails?

Email ads can have 80 characters in the subject line and 3000 characters in the email body, the form you will be taken to after order will advise you if you need to shorten the message.

http://globalwebtraffic.biz/images/checkmark.gif Can I send advertisements in html format?

No, we send all contact solo email ads in text format, and of course your website URL will be clickable for all receiving the solo email.

http://globalwebtraffic.biz/images/checkmark.gif What will be shown as recipient and sender in the emails?

The recipient is only one address. The sender and return address will be an email assigned by the admin of the mailings.

http://globalwebtraffic.biz/images/checkmark.gif Can I include more than 1 website in my message?

You may include 1 website URL in your message.

http://globalwebtraffic.biz/images/checkmark.gif Do you accept adult advertisements?

NO, we DO NOT accept adult email advertisements as well as hate, warez, antigovernment or any content considered illegal in the USA. We reserve the right to reject any ad copy at our sole discretion. In this case we will request you to provide another copy that complies with our requirements, if you do not have a suitable ad to run we will offer you a full refund.

http://globalwebtraffic.biz/images/checkmark.gif Do I need to buy any additional software?

No, there is no software required. We will do all the work for you. You don't have to lift a finger besides placing your order and inputting your solo email ad.

http://globalwebtraffic.biz/images/checkmark.gif Will I be accused for spamming?

No, you will not be accused of spamming from anyone. We are not selling lists of email addresses. We give you an opportunity to blast your email  to our contact subscriber base which has only 100% double opt-in customers who are just waiting for your product offers, all contacts can opt out any time and we comply with all laws and regulations concerning the mailings.

http://globalwebtraffic.biz/images/checkmark.gif What happens when I order?

You will be taken to the page to send us your solo email ad, we will receive your ad and send within 24 hours of payment and send confirmation to you when your ad begins. If for some reason you are not taken to the page to send in your solo email ad, contact us ASAP at our email address supplied on your payment receipt.

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